Richland Walks

Richland Walks is envisioned as a mid-sized shopping mall in Richland Columbia, South Carolina. It’s main features are it’s closely placed shops, visual appeal, green space and central meeting/event area.

Richland Walks is a retail mall designed as a walkable neighborhood. 
Visitors to the mall park their vehicles in the lot which surrounds the location on all sides. Cars are not allowed in the mall interior. 

The increased foot traffic exposes potential customers to many of the malls different businesses. This is of much greater appeal to smaller merchants, who may not be able to afford large marketing campaigns to drive engagement with customers.

Merchants can rely on their store presence to engage with passing foot traffic.

Richland Walks is a grid-patterned street-like walking mall. It’s venues are arranged much like a the shopping districts you might find in small towns, with stores arranged in in blocks and streets intersecting throughout.Upon completion, the Aiken Mall redevelopment will include 256 Class A multifamily units, a hotel site, and 146,000 S.F. of retail which includes an exterior renovation for the Belk store and new retail/restaurant shops all centered around a new city park. 

 In addition to the park, the public space will also include a new walking trail constructed around the perimeter of the property.

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